Pure southern gospel family music with a desire to reach families is what The Hayes Family is all about.

From their first note to their last, any listener will enjoy their musical abilities reaching audiences young and old alike.

They have been singing together for over 25 years developing the full family harmony they have. Their soothing intricate melodies have given them the ingredient to be one of America's favorite family groups.

A strong growing concern to The Hayes Family is the breakdown of so many families in America. Their goal is to share their day to day experience as a family and how to rely on Jesus Christ as the answer to all of today's family difficulties.

Howard and Lucy have a wonderful relationship as they have shared their testimony to thousands of people for over 40 years. Together, they are given a lot of credit for developing the talents displayed in their three children.

Howard, from the time he was a teenager, has always loved gospel music. He felt the call of the Lord on his life at a young age to minister to people through music. He knows the importance of good music and strong lyrics that make up what The Hayes Family performs today. He is praised for giving his son the preparatory lessons that make him an accomplished bassist.

Highly respected by her peers, Lucy Hayes is the epitome of what a Christian lady and mother should be. Her children praise her for her abilities as a talented pianist who gave them the lessons for making them the accomplished musicians she had prayed for them to be.

Janet Haas, the oldest of the three children, gives her expertise as a keyboardist as well as providing the high part for the family. She has also penned several songs for The Hayes Family which are among the favorities they perform each time they sing.

Sharon Hodges, whose vocal quality is of the highest form, is accepted by fans and peers alike. Her unique alto voice, along with her exceptional keyboard abilities, make her a favorite for all to see and hear. She and Janet double on the keyboard for at least one or two songs for every concert delighting every audience!

The youngest of the three children, Mylon Hayes is equally as talented as his sisters. His abilities to play the bass guitar are surpassed by few. He is a stalwart Christian man respected by many of his peers. Mylon has a strong desire to always serve the Lord to the best of his ability no matter where he is. Every audience enjoys his unique style of singing as well.

The Hayes Family has many different musical styles including old convention songs using just the piano and bass guitar for accompaniment, typical southern gospel style using the fine accompaniment of their own soundtracks with piano and bass or an instrumental by the children, and even old hymns of the church. They are a fresh package of southern gospel music--family style--for an audience.